The combination of all three can help in every step of the booking process and the check in-out procedure, making it safer, faster, and easier for you!

3D Tours

Our exclusively owned yachts have online 3D tours so that you can get a glimpse of the yacht before you book and refer back to it during your trip.

When you visit a yacht, click on the button “Explore 3D Space”.

3d Tour

It will take you on a virtual tour of the yacht so that you can explore its space before you decide to book.

Apart from the exploration of the space of the yacht, there are info points, either a text or a picture or a video, explaining how everything functions and where everything is located. This comes in handy during the check-in procedure and is also helpful since you have already familiarized yourself with the yacht and the yacht’s functions.



At hand over, you can use the electronic inventory to check everything there is on board so that the check-in procedure takes less time than usual and you get the chance to leave the port earlier.


E-Check In/Out

These features amplify the procedures for you, as well as our staff. They save significant time upon embarkation since you are not seeing the yacht for the first time. When tested they proved to be very helpful and convenient especially during the Covid situation where human contact for a long time is not recommended. Also, during the charter, you can always refer to the 3D manual in case you do not remember where to find a rope or a switch. With just a click on the manual, you can easily use the search bar and find where it is located and how it functions. In the check out procedure with reference to the electronic inventory, you as well as our staff can quickly check if everything is in order. Of course, these walk hand in hand with our Green policy, which includes avoiding as much wasted paper as possible.

Of courcse, we would like to point out that all these technological innovations, do not eliminate or replace the presence of our base staff in every procedure. We are always there to help the client gets his yacht as soon as possible and support him during the charter!