Family Sailing Holidays In Greece

Sailing is an experience all the adventurous souls out there need to have at least once. It is even better if you can share it with people you love and enjoy spending time with. This, of course, includes your family! Just because it is not your typical family vacation, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. With some careful planning, you can have an unforgettable experience! Let us tell you a little more about why we think that family sailing holidays in Greece are the best!

Family Sailing Holidays In Greece

In the last few years, sailing holidays have become more of a mainstream type of vacation rather than something only a few chose to do. The years that sailing yachts were tiny have long gone and now it feels almost like you are renting a villa that floats on the sea. Sailing yachts have become extremely luxurious and comfortable, and as a result, more and more people want to try them. In fact, sailing in them is such a pleasurable experience that you can bring your family along. Babies, small kids or young adults are all welcomed and safe to sail with us!

Why choose sailing with your family?

It is true that there are so many different options when it comes to family vacations that sailing could be the last on your list. But it shouldn’t and let us explain to you exactly why.

  • Sailing requires teamwork.

When you go sailing, in order to have a smooth trip the crew members need to collaborate. This means that your family needs to “work” as a team and exercise your communication skills further. This will definitely be useful in your everyday lives too.

  • It bonds the family.

You will spend a lot of quality time with each other and this will give you the opportunity to talk, play, have fun all together and, as a result, become closer to each other.

  • You will digitally detoxify yourselves.

Being in the middle of the sea will give you the opportunity to abandon your phones, laptops and any other electronic distractions for a while and enjoy life and this particular moment. The crystal clear waters will be too tempting and will definitely make you put your phone down.

  • You will come closer to nature.

There is this magical feeling about sailing. You come closer to the sea and the environment around you and are more aware of your human nature. It is an experience families need to have together.

  • It creates a feeling of freedom.

You will all be away from your daily hectic lives and responsibilities and that alone gives you a great sense of freedom. You are no longer bound by your daily to-dos and can have a lot of fun with each other.

  • It will be an unforgettable experience.

The moments you will experience in your sailing vacation are something that all of the family members will cherish and remember forever. 

What we can offer you

We at Ionian Catamarans by Patras Yachts, have as our goal to provide you with unique and great experiences that you will remember for the rest of your lives! We are a family-friendly company with many clients that come with their families and we pretty much know all of your needs before you do. We strictly believe that safety should come first, this is why we have excellently maintained and new yachts. If you have small kids we will provide you with life jackets that fit them properly and we can also install a safety net around the yacht upon your request.

Now to the fun part! We have some water toys you can rent like SUPs, canoe-kayaks and we will provide you with floating mattresses for the kids to play with. There is a set of snorkeling equipment on each yacht, but you can have more than one if you like! We will recommend you some family-friendly beaches and places to visit in which kids can enjoy themselves as much as you do. You can even relax on the yachts and watch them play in the sea!

sailing for families in greece

Our family-friendly yachts

With a big variety of yachts, you can definitely find the one that fits your needs and your budget, but let us help you with choosing the best!

lagoon 380 Vaya con dios

This is a favorite among families with small kids that charter with us. It is a yacht that doesn’t require a huge budget and also has a smaller size with all the comforts a catamaran can offer. You can have complete control of all of its spaces so that you know where your kids are at any moment. You can spend time together in the cockpit area outside, or sunbathe at the nets in front!


nautitech 46 fly It is a very spacious yacht that is close to the aspects of a luxury catamaran. It can accommodate bigger families and provide you comfort beyond belief. The protected from the sun flybridge is a strong feature, enough to make it popular among our fleet. It is a value for money deal, and availabilities are limited, so make sure to book it before it’s too late!


lagoon 52The last yacht is our newly owned luxury catamaran. When we say luxury we mean it, so be prepared to get stunned by this beauty. Our experienced and friendly crew will offer you a carefree experience. All you have to do is bring your family along and be prepared to have lots of fun together!



Do you need more reasons to sail with your family for this year’s holidays? Make sure to contact us at and we will solve all your questions! For an extra 5% booking discount remember to mention the code “FAMILY5” in your message!