Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find all you need to know regarding your charter.

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  • Is a sailing license needed?

To charter a yacht without crew (it is called a bareboat charter) you need to have a sailing license and adequate sailing experience. You will need to show your sailing license upon embarkation and to the port authorities. If despite the fact of having a sailing license, you are not sure that you can handle the yacht, we can do a sea trial and decide from there if you need to hire a skipper or not.

  • What is a bareboat charter?

It is the type of charter that no crew is needed (skipper or hostess). However, it requires two people with valid sailing licenses or one person who has got a sailing license and one who agrees to be of aid if needed.

  • What type of yacht should I charter?

The choice is yours! We are here to help you find the yacht that suits you. Some information, like how many people are going to be on the charter, if it is bareboat or you need crew, what amenities you would like to have onboard, if you have a certain budget, etc. could be useful to us.

  • Are there any supermarkets nearby?

In both of our bases (Marina Corfu and Marina Lefkas), there are some supermarkets inside the marinas. They also provide free delivery on the yacht.

  • Can I order provisions before I arrive at the base?

Yes, this service is provided by us. A few weeks before embarkation, we can send you a provisioning list, where you can check the items you would like to have onboard. Then we will forward the list to the supermarket and you will have everything prepared upon embarkation. This service is completely free of charge. You only pay for the provisions.

  • What is included in the charter price?

Apart from the yacht and its equipment, bed linen, bath towels, and a welcome pack are included in the charter price.

  • Is there any special safety when kids are on board?

Apart from the children’s life jackets that will be on board, we can also install a safety net (railing net) with an extra charge, that is applied around the yacht and makes the yacht safer for children.

  • Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are allowed on board with an extra cleaning charge, but we recommend for them to have sailed before, so that they will not get seasick and also to be small-sized, due to the lack of space.

  • When is the best time to go sailing?

In Greece, and especially in the Ionian Sea, you can sail from April till November! Experienced sailors choose the beginning and the end of the season as the seas at that time are not that crowded. Most of the people choose July and August to be sure to catch a lot of suns. But lately, June and September are really popular as well, as the weather is really good and they can still enjoy some peace in the picturesque ports.

  • Are there airports near the bases?

Base Corfu: Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport, a 15 to 20min distance by car (

Base Lefkas: Aktio Airport, a 30 to 40min distance by car (

We can arrange the transfers from/to the airport if you want to.

  • Why the Ionian Sea?

The waters are calmer and it is not getting very windy like in the Aegean sea. It is the ideal weather for family vacations and easy, effortless sailing.

  • Where do I leave my luggage?

You can leave your luggage in the yacht, so it is preferable to pack light, better in big backpacks than non-foldable suitcases. In case your luggage does not fit in the yacht, we have some space in the base offices, where you can leave some of them.

  • Is fuel included in the price?

All charter yachts are full of fuel before embarkation and the clients need to return the yacht full of fuel upon disembarkation.

  • When do I take the yacht and when do I leave the yacht?

The embarkation time is at 17:00 in the afternoon for bareboat yachts. The crewed charters are more adjustable. You need to return to the marina the afternoon before disembarkation for the checkout, sleep on the yacht, and leave the yacht at 09:00 in the morning.

  • Why do charters begin and end on Saturday?

This embarkation day is preferred among most of the charter companies in Greece because it helps us be organized and deliver the yacht in excellent condition and on time. Also, the minimum charter period is one week, because it is the optimal number of days you need to explore as many as possible places from the Ionian Sea. Of course, especially during the low seasons, we can be flexible when it comes to the embarkation and disembarkation days, but it will depend on the situation. The same applies in the crewed charters, but in most cases, there is a little more flexibility.

  • Are there any mooring fees?

The mooring fees of only the first and last day of the charter, in either Marina Gouvia or Marina Lefkas, are covered by us. However, the rest of the days and depending on the places you choose to go, there will be some mooring fees and their amount will vary on several factors. While mooring there are also additional charges applied like electricity and water.

  • What if I need help while sailing?

If, for any reason, you face any issues while onboard, we have support everywhere in the Ionian Sea and we can send someone to help you. You just need to give us a call.

  • What if I ran out of provisions?

Even if this happens, there are everywhere supermarkets and minimarkets, so you will definitely find a place to replenish them.


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