Honeymoon Yacht Charter In The Ionian Islands

If you haven’t thought of spending your honeymoon in the Ionian islands on a private yacht, then it is about time that you do. The romantic views, the wonderful beaches, and the stunning sunsets are some of the things that will make your honeymoon one of the best experiences in your life! Combine these with the comfort and luxury of a private yacht, endless strolls in the vibrant environment of the Ionian Islands, romantic dinners under the starry skies and fun daily activities and voila! You have your dream vacation ready!

We are here to ensure that you will have the best honeymoon yacht charter experience. But first…

Why the Ionian Islands?

It will be pretty self-explanatory if you just google images of some of the beaches there, however, we have a detailed post why Greece is one of the best choices for your summer holidays. You will have the chance to witness beauty beyond imagination, idyllic surroundings, and sunsets that will exceed your expectations.

Why on a private yacht?

By choosing a private yacht, you will be able to explore places and beaches that hotels guests or cruise ships never get the chance to see. Additionally, along with your skipper, you are the ones responsible for your itinerary and schedule, so you will have the chance to visit all the places you were looking forward to. You can spend the entire day just the two of you in the middle of the sea, and the next, you can have drinks to a cosmopolitan island.

Honeymoon Yacht Charter In The Ionian Islands

Οur goal is your pleasure and to provide you with unforgettable memories. Upon your arrival, we will offer you a glass of champagne and a variety of local snacks and delicacies of your choice. Then it is time for your trip to begin! There are plenty of beautiful places you can visit, but here are some of the favorites amongst visitors and especially couples.

Palaiokastritsa Bay – Corfu

honeymoon charter in greece

Some call it the “Capri of Greece” and we can see why. Paleokastritsa means old fortress, and witnessing such a castle on the rocky cave is something extraordinary. It is a famous picturesque village with a plethora of local taverns and with a bay that includes six sunning beaches each with a different style. Want pebbles or sand? Choose the beach you decide to go swim in according to your preferences. They are all surrounded by trees creating a stunning scenery. Make sure to take a tour around the coast to witness the beauty of nature.

Canal D’Amour – Corfu

canal d'amour corfu honeymoon

Canal D’Amour means Channel of Love, and according to an ancient legend if two people swim there together they will fall in love. Apart from the beautiful crystal clear waters and the golden sand, you will witness a unique environment carved by the sea and winds during the years. You will have the chance to walk on the beautiful rocks, discover the beaches nearby and don’t forget to explore the sea caves!

Aspri Ammos Beach – Othonoi

othonoi aspri ammos beach

The little island “Othonoi” northeast of the island of Corfu hides this beautiful beach. Aspri Ammos is a stunning beach, however unknown to most of the tourists because of its location. It is accessible by boat only, so it is the perfect place to go with your significant other and spend a peaceful day at the beach. It will feel like you are in paradise.

Voutoumi – Antipaxos Island

antipaxoi voutoumi

You will find the ultimate turquoise waters in the little island close to Paxos. It is a very famous beach in the area and, for many, one of the prettiest in Greece. Surrounded by the classic greek nature of rocks and trees forest, will give you the ultimate island vibes. It is a must-see gem accessible by boat only.

Egkremnoi – Lefkada

Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Well, it is enough to see the pictures of this stunning scenery, and completely justify the reason we included it on this list. This Caribbean looking beach is according to many of our skippers one of the best in the world, so you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Gaios – Paxos

gaios in paxos

The beautiful little island of Paxos has some beautiful places to moor and enjoy a chill night out. Gaios is a beautiful port town amongst the popular destinations of the Ionian Islands. The tasty food and the little bars ashore will provide you a great experience. Take a walk at the beautiful alleys and then take your significant other and enjoy a tasty meal and a summer cocktail next to the sea.

Fiskardo – Kefalonia


Fiskardo is a cosmopolitan destination, so don’t be surprised if you come face to face with popular celebrities. If you are in the mood for some vibrant nightlife then it is a must-visit. What makes it unique is that it is the only town of Kefalonia that was not destroyed by the 1953 earthquake, so its unique architecture was preserved. Delicious food and a lot of alcohol are guaranteed.

Kioni – Ithaca

Kioni ithaka

Kioni in Ithaca is a small bay and is one of the prettiest villages of this island. Make sure to visit so that you can witness the beauty that photos can’t do justice. We recommend waking up early and witnessing the stunning sunrise. The view will reward you and will make your early morning wake up worth it!

We could go on forever talking about the must-visit places of the Ionian Sea, but we will let you discover the rest yourselves!

We are pretty sure that you are convinced by now why a honeymoon yacht charter is the best choice! Make sure to contact us, so that we can arrange the experience of your dreams. The idyllic sceneries and the beautiful sunsets are just a booking away!

We are here to provide everything for you. You just need to relax and have the best time of your life