Ionian Catamarans Flotillas

Catamaran Flotillas! It’s a fact! You can now choose to sail in one of our catamaran flotillas’ event. Combine comfort and fun! Book now your catamaran and save your spot in this exciting event. Socialize, exchange opinions, navigate with safety, and take part in all kinds of activities. If you are interested in participating in the Ionian Catamarans Flotilla but don’t know the procedure, here is everything you need to know!

Ionian Catamarans Flotillas

Since the COVID19 outbreak, we had to distance ourselves from others in order to ensure everyone’s safety as well as ours. However, the situation seems to be getting better day by day, so hopefully, we will finally be free again to socialize and have fun by meeting new people. This is why we decided to organize catamaran flotillas for everyone who is looking forward to participating in social events, whilst enjoying the sun and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Of course, this will be done with safety, following our safety instructions, including crew tests and yacht sanitation.

But first,

What is a Flotilla?

The flotilla is a term that was used to describe the formation of small warships of the same class that was part of a larger fleet. Nowadays, this term is used to describe groups of several chartered yachts that sail together and follow the same activities and route, for recreational use. Our flotillas for example, consist exclusively of new and well-maintained sailing catamarans so that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury and comfort in order to have fun.

Trip Duration

Ionian Catamarans flotillas take place twice a year. One is at the beginning of the summer season and the other is close to the end of it. Depending on your budget, and mood you can choose between a 7-day trip or a 10-day trip. Each itinerary will take you to different places and have a selection of different activities to try from. From experiencing the Corfiot Easter to trying out water sports and exploring secret bays on a paddleboard and your snorkeling gear, it is only certain that there will be no time for boredom.


The most common way to travel is as a group by chartering a catamaran entirely for you and your company, whether it is friends, and family, or travel solo or with a couple of friends by reserving your cabin. If you enjoy meeting new people from different ages, countries, and backgrounds, and love get-togethers and beach parties then make sure to ensure your spot, as the places are limited!

Flotilla Types

As mentioned, you can either book one of our catamarans bareboat or skippered and bring along your family and friends. The first option is great if you have an experienced skipper in your company and the second is perfect for the ones that haven’t sailed before. Both choices are perfect depending on your situation.


On the first day, our crew will show you around the yacht and how to operate all of its functions. Then the adventure starts. Every morning there will be briefings of the daily activities and the places that you will be visiting. Then it is time for the fun that will follow. Make sure to make every minute count, since this will be a unique experience with a lot of fun and socializing.