Ionian Islands: You can never get enough


Exotic beaches, crystalline waters, medieval castles and lush greenery. Where will you find all these together? In the Ionian Islands of course! Even if you have a one-week charter there are plenty of things to do. The islands have the perfect distance between them, giving you enough time for everyday sailing and rest. Chartering from Corfu and going back to Corfu, you can visit the different sides of the island itself, in Kassiopi or Petriti and the small islets around it like Othonoi, Mathraki or Ereikousa. You can also try Paxos and Antipaxos, Preveza, Sivota or Plataria for distances beyond your starting point. Chartering from Lefkas going back to Lefkas, some of the “top” destinations appear to be Lefkas, beaches like Nidri and Kathisma, the Homeric Ithaca and the biggest island of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia, or even Zakynthos if you are a “sailing-addict”. Contrary to the Aegean Islands where you will find the little white houses with blue doors and windows, in the Ionian Islands you will explore the graphic colorful villages, nested between trees and pebble beaches. Sailing around just one island you will discover numerous little caves and even more beaches, from pebble ones to desert-like sandy hills.

Ionian Islands Beaches

The weather is also JUST PERFECT. It is indeed windy, but not too much, and it is, of course, sunny and hot in summer, but just enough! You can enjoy many different sailing routes while stopping by on any island and exploring its wonders on foot. There you will admire mythical statues and buildings, like the Castle of Agia Mavra in Lefkas or the fairytale-like castle of Empress Sissy in Achillion in Corfu. In Kefallonia you can leave your boat to get into another one, in Melissani Cave, where a magical lake is hidden inside a cave, with the sun making her waters shine like blue diamonds.Ionian Islands Travelling

If you are on holiday with your family you can enjoy carefree times in Paxos, Voutoumi or Agios Nikitas and Vasiliki. You will find hundreds of taverns by the seaside, or if you prefer nature as it is, you can also dive into the clear waters of beaches that are only accessible by boat!

Choosing to charter from Corfu to Lefkas or the other way around you can have the chance to take a look in all these destinations…. and probably start thinking that one week is not enough!