Sailing Holidays in the Greek Islands

Do you love sailing? Do you love the greek islands? Then I believe you are ready for sailing holidays in the greek islands! Have you thought about it but never got down to it? Let us motivate you with today’s post, so you will finally take the plunge!

Why choose the Greek Islands?

First of all, why should someone prefer to spend their summer having sailing holidays in the greek islands of all the places in planet earth?


There are so many greek islands that it is almost impossible for you to get bored. From the aegean sea, to the ionian sea and down to Crete, to just mention a few of the choices.

Beautiful beaches

The landscape in all the islands is such, that the creation of many beaches was inevitable. The menu here ranges from cosmopolitan beaches full of civilisation, over to raw and secluded beaches, for the eyes of yours truly.


Should you choose to leave your sailing adventure for a while, there is so much to experience ashore. The villages of the greek islands are so damn beautiful really. Not to mention the nature that rages all over the place.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Eating in Greece is really important. We know how to eat well and i haven’t told you the best part yet. The mediterranean cuisine is thought to be one of the best in the world for your health. So, feel free to experience the best our villages have to offer, without feeling guilty ;).


Even if someone comes to Greece with the purpose to sail, they shouldn’t overlook the history of our country. Greek history goes way back. Do yourself a favor and visit at least some museum or monument. Vacation shouldn’t be just partying ;). Which brings me to my next point.


I know, i know. You just want to have your private party in your catamaran or yacht. I respect that and would really be honoured if you invited me :P. However, should you feel the need to get out a little and mingle with the commoners(:P), the greek isands are phenomenal. From extreme partying, to private clubs by the sea, down to relaxing cocktails, you can find something for every need really.

Which islands to sail to?

We are based in Corfu and Lefkas, which are both islands of the Ionian Sea, at the east part of the greek coastline. As a result, let’s outline our top suggestions for someone sailing this part of the Greek Islands.


We love Corfu and would recommend it without a second thought. First of all, the city of Corfu is amazing, combining romance and elegance. The occupation of the Italians has left its mark with the Venice style buildings standing tall till this day.

When in Corfu, don’t forget to visit the old fortress. The medieval castle is breathtaking to say the least.

The beaches in Corfu are amazing, Palaiokastritsa and Krouzeri(featured in the article’s photo) being just a few of the top ones. You can find cosmopolitan beaches, as well as secluded ones, which are the best for someone on a sailing holiday. Don’t forget to visit amazing small fishing villages, only approachable by the sea, like Petriti.


Lefkas has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, and that is not an overstatement. Porto Katsiki for example has been named as such numerous times.

Paxos and Antipaxos

They are two beautiful, small islands near Corfu. You really should visit both of them, namely the sea caves in Antipaxos and be sure to grab a bite in Gaios or Lakka port. Or both for that matter :P.


Syvota is a small village which is a part of the mainland in Greece. It is located at the west part of the greek coastline and as a result is really close to Lefkas and Corfu, making it the perfect sailing escape. Secluded beaches here as well, for your eyes only, as well as beautiful and quiet restaurants and cafes in the village are must seens.

How to organise my sailing holidays in the greek islands?

So, you already know by now that sailing holidays in the greek islands is the way to go. Where do you go from here? Well, we can certainly help. Be sure to visit our website and connect with us via Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll be sure to hook you up for this summer :).