Sustainable Sailing – Is It Possible?

With the crisis that is happening right now concerning our environment, many would agree that sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity. Luckily as time goes by, we stumble upon this term more often in many industries right now and we see no reason why sailing should be excluded. On the contrary. Sailing has the potential of becoming very environmentally friendly since it can rely on wind power. So if you want to know how sailing can be sustainable we are here to provide you with 6 + 1 ways

Sustainable Sailing – Is It Possible?

The answer is “yes it is”. Of course, it can not be 100%, but if adventures on the sea are your thing when it comes to your vacation, then it is one of the best ways and options in order to be environment-friendly. There are some things you can do and some action you can take in order to do so.

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1. Use the sails.

Sailing boats, as opposed to other types, have the advantage of moving using the power to the wind. Luckily winds in the Greek sea are very common so you can almost exclusively rely on them for moving your yacht. Plus it is more affordable this way since you use less diesel. Open your sails whenever it is possible and enjoy magical and quiet sailing moments.

2. Switch off the lights and a/c when leaving the board.

There is no reason to consume energy when you are not on board. Lights and a/c can be switched off since you will not be needing them when you are away.

3. Be conscious of water use.

Water is not something you can have in huge quantities while traveling, so we suggest you do not waste it when there is no need. Shut off the tap when you are washing your teeth, don’t take very long showers, don’t leave the water running when rinsing the dishes, etc.

4. Don’t leave rubbish on deck.

It is very easy for your rubbish to end up in the sea when you forget them on board. Just a little breeze is enough to take them away. This can be very harmful to sea life, so we recommend being extra cautious about it.

5. Buy local products.

When you shop for provisions we recommend you prefer local products that have no excess amount of plastic packaging and are cheaper as well.

6. Bring a reusable bottle.

If it is possible, bring a reusable bottle with you, which you can refill on the go. There are many restaurants and cafeterias that would be willing to fill it for you. This way you will avoid consuming endless amounts of plastic bottles apart from the necessary ones you will need to have on board.

7. Pick up litter in the sea or the shore.

You can have a plastic bag with you which you can fill in with litter you see while on your vacation. Will it be a plastic bottle floating or plastic packages onshore? You can pick them up before they get eaten by the sea life.

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Our Mission

We at Ionian Catamarans by Patras Yachts support eco-friendly sea activities and sustainable sailing. As a charter company, with action in the Ionian Sea, we would encourage every possible initiative and think in order to protect the environment and keep the coasts and the sea away from massive and severe pollution.

Since we are committed to becoming more sustainable, we decided to join the Green Sail movement. Currently, we are among the very few Greek companies that are part of this and we are very proud to do so.

Our Practices

As a company, we are trying to reduce the paperwork to the minimum by using online inventories, online manuals and save some serious amount of paper. In the office, we separate the waste and turn off electricity facilities when we do not use them. We mostly use reusable water bottles and have our own reusable coffee cups, in order to avoid plastic ones. In any case, we recycle as much as possible, we try to maintain the company’s equipment without purchasing new every now and then. In general, we try to minimize the waste we create as a company and encourage our associates and suppliers to do so as well.

Also, we store sea inflatables left by our previous clients and give them on to the next if they wish. Our skippers are advised to respect the environment as well, release black waters while they are in deep waters and not in ports, bays, and marinas. Lastly, we encourage clients to truly support this cause.

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At the end of the day, sustainability and sustainable sailing are about living in a way that respects the life of others and does not harm the environment and exhaust’s the earth’s reserves. These actions ensure that life as we know it can be maintained in the future as well.

Your advice and thoughts are always welcomed, to walk hand in hand with our initiative to protect and maintain the beautiful crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, so feel free to send us your opinions and thoughts at