Why Chartering A Private Yacht Is The Best Choice During The Covid19

As we are now going towards a second summer season with covid19 still being an issue, we had more than enough time to observe the situation and adjust our charters to the current circumstances. We can confidently claim that chartering a private yacht is among the safest options for your summer vacation.

If you are skeptical of whether or not to travel this summer season, because of safety reasons, here is why you can consider chartering a yacht:

1. The yachts are thoroughly disinfected.

As a company, we put a lot of weight on the cleanliness of our yachts in general, so, even more, this year where the situation demands it. We have dedicated disinfection teams, so every time a charter ends, we pay extra attention and take special care of our yachts so that you can safely embark on.

2. You don’t have to use several means of transport.

Normally, in most types of vacation, using several means of transport like taxis and buses is inevitable when you want to explore a place. However, this is not the case with private yachts. Your yacht is your vehicle and will take you to any place you want to see without the need to use several means to move around.

3. You don’t need to be in crowded places if you don’t want to.

The Ionian Islands, offer many kinds of entertainment and endless beaches to choose from. If you are feeling uncomfortable being in crowded places, you have the option to explore hidden gems, by anchoring in remote beaches and visit small villages that are not very popular among tourists. There, you can have peace of mind and overall a carefree experience. Exactly how the summer holidays should be!

4. You decide on how many people you will be on board with.

You are the one responsible for arranging your vacation and choosing who you want to bring with you. Do you want to go with just your family? You can! Or do you want to take your friends that are negative to the Covid19? You still can! It is entirely up to you with how many people you’ll come in contact with and the number of people you want to have on board.

5. You can do every possible activity on board.

If being in contact with other people is not your thing, chartering a private yacht gives you the ability to do everything on board. It is like having a house that you can always have with you and take in every place you want to explore. You can sleep, travel, cook, eat, party, relax, swim, and much more without the need to leave if this is what you are comfortable with. You have the ability to limit your contact with other people to the minimum.

So, ready to let us arrange your charter? Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@patrasyachts.gr. A safe and carefree vacation can be possible if choosing the right option!